By mail:
Regular tithes and offerings can be sent by mail to 1801 30th St. NE, Salmon Arm BC, V1E 2Z5. If you have numbered offering envelopes, either place your checks inside the envelope OR write your envelope # in the memo line on the check. If your check does not have your current mailing address on it, please write that on the memo line as well.

By e-transfer:
Email funds to
When you are entering information in your banking etransfer screen:
1. Security question –    “for what”            Answer – “offering
2. On line 1 of the message section, please write: “Envelope #” and then include your number. If you don’t have an envelope number you can write your mailing address instead.
3. On line 2 of the message section, if you wish to designate a portion of your offering for a specific purpose, you can designate offerings ONLY for the items on the list below. You may list more than one of these items on line 2.
“Weekly offering $______”
“CLWR $_______”
“Envelopes $_____”
“Magazine $______”

By preauthorized remittance:
Preauthorized remittance (PAR) is a program that enables you to make regular donations automatically. To enroll or cancel enrollment in this program, please print this form and submit it to Evelyn Cook ( or 250 832 5232).

Tax receipts for offerings made through PAR will be issued to members by the ELCIC national office, not by Deo. Withdrawals under this program happen monthly, on the 20th of each month.