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What about my kids?

Deo shares the experience of many other congregations in mainline churches, in that lately there are relatively few young people and children who attend. This is an issue of great concern to our congregation, and as a result, we've taken a number of steps to help make our time together more kid-friendly. To some extent, this is uncharted territory, though we've had a lot of fun experimenting. Your honest feedback and your help, would be greatly appreciated.

Sunday School

Deo's Sunday school is quite small; there are currently three families whose children regularly take part in Sunday School activities, and a few others who attend as they are able. Our Sunday School program follows a pattern that has become common in Lutheran churches in that it runs during the latter half of our worship service. This means that kids don't have to sit still during the sermon - although on our intergenerational worship days, our Sunday School kids actively participate in the sermon and aren't expected to sit still.

Intergenerational Worship

One of the things that we've been doing at Deo over the past year that we've really enjoyed has been our intergenerational worship services. About once a month, we've been experimenting with keeping everyone (kids, parents, grandparents) together for the whole worship service. The sermon time on these days usually has some component that involves activity and movement. The Sunday school children usually play a big part in these services; they become teachers for the rest of the congregation as they help us to see God's word from a different angle and hear a different tone of God's voice.