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Within the Lutheran tradition, a wedding is understood to be a worship service in which a couple gathers with their family and friends to give thanks for their relationship and to ask for God's blessings on their lives together.

Although there are no restrictions on where a wedding ceremony may be held (at the church building, a hotel ballroom, in a park, etc), ordinarily it is expected that there will be prayers, scripture readings, and a brief sermon at a wedding over which a Lutheran pastor presides.

Most pastors appreciate being contacted well in advance of a wedding in order to facilitate scheduling and developing a service that appropriately takes into account the needs and desires of the couple and their families. Basic pre-marriage counseling is also a common part of marriage preparation.


It is not necessary to be a member at Deo for the pastor to provide care to your family when a loved one is dying. It is best to contact the pastor by phone in these instances, and it is definitely appropriate to call him at home if he is not in the office.

Facility rentals

Our church is host to a number of different groups that use our building, and we're quite happy to negotiate rentals. Our chapel space seats approximately 100 people comfortably, and our hall fits approximately 80 when seated around tables. Contact the pastor for more information.