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Expectations for visitors

I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that if you clicked on this section, you have some anxiety about going to a worship service. Fair enough. Maybe it's been a long time since you've been to one. Maybe you've never been to one before. That's OK. You might botch the melody of a song or get lost in the hymnal. That is also OK. It happens to us all the time. Why should you be any different?

During the service, as a guest, rest assured that nobody will ever put you on the spot, and know that you are free to participate (or not to participate) in any part of the service that you wish. This includes the sacrament of Holy Communion. If you are moved to take part, you are welcome to take part - no need to ask for permission.

If you are new to our community and would like to make yourself known to the congregation, you have the option of introducing yourself during the announcement time. However, it is not our practice to force visitors to do this. Sometimes people prefer to remain anonymous, which is quite understandable. This can sometimes be tough at Deo due to the size of our congregation and the fact that we have a few exceptionally outgoing members.

If you need to speak to Pastor Erik for any reason, please feel free to go ahead and do so - he doesn't bite.