Deo Lutheran Church

Where and When

1801 - 30th Street NE, Salmon Arm, BC.
V1E 2Z5

Sunday Worship 10:30am

Past Messages

Messages are not presently being recorded, but please feel free to browse the archives!

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Welcome to Deo

Welcome to the website of Deo Lutheran Church, located in Salmon Arm, BC.

This site exists for three main reasons. First: we're keenly aware that there are many wonderful people in our world who have no church experience. Such individuals often are curious about church, but are bewildered by the differences between churches and have a hard time finding one that is a good fit for them. This site is intended to provide some help for such people. We hope that this website will provide people who are considering visiting Deo with enough information that they might do so with confidence!

Second: Being of service to our community is very important to us, and good communication is vital to helping that happen. In addition to this website, our congregation has also recently started communicating through Facebook and Twitter. Consider "liking" our Facebook site and following us on Twitter to be kept up to speed with all the latest things happening at Deo, especially if you're the kind of person who needs news to come to them!

Finally: If you're new to the Lutheran variety of Christianity, it shouldn't take long to discover that Lutherans seek excellence in preaching, and that people who come to our worship services often do so in the hopes of hearing a good sermon. We've got some sample sermons in the messages section of this site, though lately we are using many kinds of media in our sermon time.

If there's anything you're looking for that you haven't been able to find, don't hesitate to contact us

God's blessings be with you,

Pastor Erik